Scholarship Program


“One Step At A Time” Scholarship Program

We are pleased to offer low income families a comprehensive scholarship program to assist in obtaining a high quality yet inexpensive preschool education. Our scholarship program was created as an alternative to state funded voucher programs in which parents may not be eligible. We strongly encourage all low income families to apply if you meet the income requirements as there are 10 scholarships available per school year for full-time enrolled preschool students only.


Please review the following information to determine eligibility:


  • Scholarship Period: Begins Monday, July 9, 2018 until all scholarships have been awarded
  • Award Notification: Within 3 business days of application via email (Please check your spam/junk folder)
  • Scholarship Acceptance: Within 3 business days of award notification secured with Enrollment Fee for all approved students


  1. Parent is required to be employed to be eligible.
  2. Ten (10) Scholarships are available for full-time preschool program students only. Three Day, Half Day, & Crystal Care students are ineligible.
    3. Awards will cover the current academic school year (August-May) at a reduced rate of $75.00 per student
    4. Families will not be eligible for any other discounts or Tuition Free Weeks
    5. Tuition must be paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly on time or scholarship is forfeited
    6. Eligible scholarship families with more than one eligible preschool child may be awarded a scholarship for each eligible child in the family
    7. Scholarship recipients are required to pay Student Enrollment Fees and any other applicable fees listed in the Parent Handbook
    8. Financial aid will only be applied to the regular weekly tuition, is not transferable, cannot be used for fees, or refunded.
    9. The family’s size and annual gross income is based on the following income guidelines:

Family Size Monthly Gross Income Not to Exceed:
2 – $17,680 annually ($8.50 per hour)
3 – $20,800 annually ($10.00 per hour)
4 – $26,000 annually (12.50 per hour)
5 – $31,200 annually ($15.00 per hour)
6 – $35,600 annually ($17.00 per hour)
(For each additional family member, add $400.00)


1. SSLS Online Enrollment Application – Click Enrollment Process Link
2. Scholarship Online Application – Complete Form Below
3. Birth Certificates for All Children in Household – Scan and Email or In Person
4. Immunization Records for Enrolled Students – Scan and Email or In Person
6. Proof of Income for All Adults in Household – Email or in Person – Payroll Stubs (within 30 days of date of application)